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Tue, Dec. 30th, 2003, 10:54 am
I quit.

It's final. I couldn't take it any more. Jamie came and knocked on my door at 9:30 last night bitching at me for not showing up to work, and how I must think I'm special because I get days off and that shit. And I told her that maybe if she got the responses to her articles that I got to mine, maybe she could feel "special" too. She continued bitching at me, saying that the paper was her place to run, not mine, and who the hell do I think I am for trying to take over?

I told her to go play hide-and-go-fuck herself. I didn't need to put up with her shit. So I slammed the door on her face and deadbolted it, called apartment security, and had her removed from the property. Stupid bitch. Never mess with Dan Hardy.

I called Tina this morning and said that I'd be off the payroll starting on the 1st, and I told her that that was perfectly fine.

Now, I need to go get a job... I'm thinking of the coffee shop... I'll apply there on the 3rd. It's Saturday, and that's when they're least busy and most likely to seriously accept me applying.

Mon, Dec. 29th, 2003, 06:35 pm

Tina gave me the whole week off, thanks to the amazing response to my Christmas Eve article. People have been e-mailing my work e-mail telling me they'd like some more recipes like those ones, so I've been busy getting them all replied to.

I'm thinking about quitting my job. I mean, I get money from it, yeah, but not much. It's kinda crappy. I wish that I could get a well-paying job, and maybe move into a larger apartment, for when Dave graduates in 2005. He wants to move in with us down here. So, we'd probably need a two-bedroom apartment, one room for me and Dave, one for Adam... I dunno... I've already started looking. There's a coffee shop down by the bookstore where Adam works that's always in need of workers. (How convenient, a bookstore by a coffee shop...) And, AJ's could probably use a few more dancers ;;;)

Oh, hey. I got meself an icon today. That's me giving a blowjob to Dave, as taken by Dave's roomie. Let me tell you, that was a fun night, too.

Cocoa is back to normal. She's absolutely loving the catnip I got her...

Mon, Dec. 29th, 2003, 12:54 pm
On request from kyxer

Adam masturbating in his bed.

Adam's upper body.

Me undressing.

Me trying to be studly

Me getting off.

Me still getting off.

Dave lifting weights in his dorm room (his roomie sent this to me)

Dave getting off.

Yes. my sheets are purple.

Fri, Dec. 26th, 2003, 06:57 pm

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Yes, I know I'm a day late, but... Christmas was very fun here in the Hardy/Roberts apartment.

On Christmas Eve, we had our big dinner. Adam and Dave were out getting some stuff at Alcohol Alley which is on the other side of town. SO, I went romantic and set a beautiful table for three. Candles and holly and pine sprigs. It looked wonderful. I tried my recipes from foodnetwork, and they worked well. We had some red wine with our meal, and then we went out to "A Christmas Carol" at the Collegiate Theatre (even though the nearest college is in Pittsburgh).

Dave and I slept together again. I woke early on Christmas morning and made a coffee cake. (A rather quick one), and then cooked up some ham and eggs. We had eggnogg for breakfast. Yumyumyum.

So, we exchanged presents. Adam and Dave loved their new dildos and stuff. We tried them out in a threesome later in the day. My very first threesome was yesterday! Oh it was great! (I'll tell more below the bar).

My gifts from:
Mom and Dad: A DVD player and some DVD's. Two new hoodies. A box of 25 CD's.
Adam: A gay porn DVD set (from playgirl... some of the ones that I had been eyeing), a box of flavored condoms, a box of ribbed condoms, and a subscription to Freshman magazine.
Dave: Tickets for 2 to see Rent on Broadway (guess I'll have to go see mom while I'm in NYC), and a new dildo (these seem to get around). Also a few CD's.
Kyle: Sent me $20
Michael: Sent me $50
The Times: Christmas bonus of: $100
Grandma Rebekah Hardy: A box of chocolate covered raspberries. (Can we all say "ew?")
Grandpa David Malone: Stuff for Cocoa
Aunt Donelle: A $30 gift certificate for Wal*Mart, a journal, and a calligraphy set
Tina: a CD
Jamie: (Oh, this is my favorite) a box of bricks. I hate you Jamie.
Rodger: (The owner of my apartment) A shovel. Is he giving me a hint?
Adam's parents: A box of cappucinno mix.

Now for the fun

So, there we were, getting ready for bed. Adam suggested we try out our gifts. so we did. We used 1 of my ribbed condoms and Dave's and Adam's dildos. I gave Dave head, while Adam fucked me and Dave used his dildo on himslf and Adam used his dildo on himself. Wow. It was fun. Cocoa's trying to climb out the window. so,

Tue, Dec. 23rd, 2003, 04:03 pm

Okay. So it's been a week since I updated. So, I went to WV last Wednesday. When I got home, it was close to midnight and Dave was sleeping in my bed. He came in from Boston, where he's going to college, for Christmas. He drove most of the day. So, I went and typed up my whole article and e-mailed it to Tina, requesting yesterday and today off. Then, I went in, got a shower, and fell asleep beside Dave.

I woke early on Thursday and Dave was gone. He made Adam and me breakfast. After I had eaten and gotten ready for work, I checked my e-mail. Tina said that I could have off, as long as I worked on Friday, which was okay with me. (I also get off Wednesday through New Year's Day.) So, I was pretty happy when I left for work. Dave was taking Adam to work before heading out to do some shopping.

Thursday certainly wasn't the worst day I've ever had at work. Jamie wasn't there, so I was very happy. Tina called me in to her office and together we made some minor revisions to my article. You know, if I was straight, I'd probably think Tina was hot... Probably, not definitely.

So anyhow, I went to work on Friday, which was perfectly fine, as I said. I had most of the afternoon as free time, since I'm not on regular Friday duties. So, I looked up some recipes on foodnetwork.com for tomorrow night's supper for us three guys. I tried to get some really good stuff, and, well, I'm a pretty good cook, so it should be okay.

Saturday, I went shopping at the mall, finishing up everybody's shopping. Dave and I went down to AJ's and had a little fun. Adam drove up to Pittsburgh for the weekend to see his ex-boy. Personally, I don't think they're quite so "ex" anymore... ;) ;)

Sunday I didn't do much of anything.

Yesterday, Dave and I had a little fun in my bedroom, after Adam went to work (in my car, no less). Yeah... it was a little more than just "fun" in our room. It was exhausting. I gave him head, and then he fucked me, and fucked me hard. But it was worth it.

Today, I went shopping to get the stuff for supper tomorrow, then came back here, then down to the bookstore, then back here, where I am now. Dave is out somewhere and Adam's at work until closing tonight (which I think is 7:30, I'm not sure).

Soo... that's about it.

Oh, wait, I said about hot earlier. Well, look at him, tell me what you think...

Wed, Dec. 17th, 2003, 08:13 am

Straight Styled
Are you even Gay? You must be because you dress so
well. Style comes naturally to you, but you
don't know it. You look straight but hot and
it's just naturally attractive. You're the
Straight Styled type of Gay Guy.

What type of gay guy are You?
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And people wonder why they don't know until I tell them...

I should be leaving for West Virginia in... 10 minutes. Providing the car starts. Hot damn it's cold in here! The guy who fixes the furnace couldn't get here until today. So, it's been freezing in here. The landlady wasn't very happy either...

Mon, Dec. 15th, 2003, 08:32 am

Oh, yes, and our heat went out...

Mon, Dec. 15th, 2003, 08:27 am

So, it kind of snowed here, but not really. It's like a bad mixture of slush, ice, sleet, and snow. I can't go to work, because I can't get my car out of the parking lot. So, Tina's putting me on assignment from home for today and tomorrow. And on Wednesday I have to go to West Virginia to get some stuff for an article I have to write. (Yes, we editors get a column once every two months. I get it on the day before Christmas, and am doing Christmas foods of the region). So, our "region" that the paper is distributed to is from here into Ohio for about 5 miles, south into Maryland and barely into West Virginia. But, that's what I'm doing. Christmas foods of the region.

Mom called me this morning at 7 to make sure everything was okay down here. I told her it was lovely. SHe apparently got 6 inches of snow in New York.

Cocoa has been acting odd lately. She's not her usualy bright self... oh well. I don't know what's wrong with her. If I can get the car out tomorrow, I'll take her to the vet.

Christmas is in 10 days!

Fri, Dec. 12th, 2003, 11:55 am

So, I'm going to finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow down at the mall. Here's what I've got already...

Adam: A dildo, a big bottle of lube, a cock ring, two books of gay porn/sex
Dave: A dildo, a bottle of lube, and a cock ring (to be given in secret) and Order of the Phoenix
Dad: A box of cigars, a book on NASCAR stuff
Mom: Some kitchen stuff, and some decorating stuff

To buy for still:
Granparents (2)
Aunt Donelle

Fri, Dec. 12th, 2003, 11:29 am

1. Gender: Male

2. Sexual Preference: bi

3. Habits Of Masturbation (once a month/week/day): Bi-daily

Have You Ever...

4. Played Spin The Bottle? yes

5. Fantasized about playing spin the bottle? yes

6. Played 7 minutes in heaven? no

7. Fantasized about playing 7 minutes in heaven? no

8. Kissed a member of the same sex? yes

9. Fantasized about kissing a member of the same sex? yes

10. Done 69? oh yes

11. Fantasized about doing 69? much

12. Fondled a member of the same sex? yes

13. Been fondled by a member of the same sex? yes

14. Wanted to fondle or be fondled my a member of the same sex? yes

15. Had sex with a member of the same sex? yes

16. Fantasized about having sex with a member of the same sex? yes

The following questions are based on the relation of baseball to sexual activities.
First base - the neck up, Second base - neck down to waste, Third - sucking and lickin hehe , Home - fuckin

17. Age when you it to first base? 17

18. Place you made it to first? My bedroom

19. Name of the person you made it to first with? Dana

20. Age when you made it to second base? 17

21. Place you made it to second? My bedroom

22. Name of the person you made it to second with? Dana

23. Age when you made it to third base? 19

24. Place you made it to third? Our dorm room

25. Name of the person you made it to third with? Adam

26. Age when you made it Home? 20

27. Place you made it home? Our dorm room

28. Name of the person you made it home with: Adam

Have you ever had sex...

29. in the back seat of a car? no

30. in the front seat of a car? no

31. on the hood of a car? no

32. in the trunk of a car? no

33. in a car, while someone was driving? no

34. in a swimming pool/hot tub? yes

35. in the ocean/river/pond/lake? no

36. On/In a public beach/swimming pool/hot tub/lake/river? yes

37. in a public place? (ex restaurant, club etc.) in the bathroom of AJ's

38. While someone else was watching? anyone could have been

39. in your house with your parents/grandparents present? no

40. while tied up/bounded? yes... Thank you Adam

41. with 2 or more people? if so what gender were they? no

42. with an inanimate object? (ex: dildo, cucumber, mayonnaise) with a dildo... and my hand.

Sexual positions/etc...

44. Name the three most unusual positions you've ever had sex in: tied to my bed, upside-down, doubled-over

45. Name the three most unusual places you've had sex in: bathroom stall, on our sink, on a computer desk

46. Name the worst sexual experience: The first time I was penetrated...

47. Name the best sexual experience: The first time I got head.

48. Give the number of people you've had sex with: 3

49. Now give the real number of people you've had sex with: 3 - Adam, James, and Dave

50. Seriously, give the real number of people you've fucked: 3 goddamn it!

51. Name all the people you've had sex with. Adam, James, and Dave

52. IF you were to be sent to a deserted Island ... with No hope of rescue, and no one to keep you company, what would you take with you, given the choice? A dildo, a whole lot of lube, all of my playgirls, and my computer

53. Is there anything sexual, that you've not done that you would like to do, Or
anything that you have done that you wish you could forget? I'd like to try a major gang-bang (three or more)

54. Is there someone that you would like to have sex with that you haven't? Kyle or Michael

55. Is there something that you would like to try, sexually that you have not yet? yeah, a gang bang - didn't i already say that?

56. Have you ever masturbated in a public place? On a bus...

57. Have you ever masturbated in your parents and or siblings bedroom? yeah, my brother, Dave (who is also gay)

58. Have you ever been interrupted while masturbating? yes, by Dave, by dad, by our RA in college.

59. Have you ever walked in on someone masturbating? Dave, Adam, James

60. Have you ever been aroused by the thought of watching someone masturbate? many times

61. Have you ever watched someone masturbate? yes

62. Have you ever allowed someone to watch YOU masturbate? yes

63. Does the thought of watching two members of the opposite sex arouse you? no, not really.

64. Does the thought of watching two members of the same sex arouse you? yes...

65. Does the thought of sexual role play excite or interest you? yeah

66. Have you ever participated in sexual role play? yeah

67. Have any of these questions made you uncomfortable? no

68. Have any of these questions made you horny? very, from all of the memories.

69. Are you going to go masturbate/have sex now? yeah, probably

70. favorite time of day to have sex? right a dawn.

71. favorite positions? 69

72. fetishes? feet, armpit hair

73. favorite place to have sex? in a fancy hotel... (I've only done it once though, on a business trip that I took James [a reporter] on with me)

74. favorite people to have sex with? Adam, Dave

75. fantasies? Too many.

76. what kind of people are you attracted to? gay/bi guys

77. what turns you on? guys masturbating, nude guys, dick

78. pubic hair? natural, shaved or trimmed, none? trimmed or natural.

79. favorite sex toy? a dildo

80. do you own any porn? yeah

81. ever been told to shut the fuck up while fucking? nope

82. have you ever busted out laughing while fucking? nope

83. how many times a day or how often do you have sex? well, it's certainly not every day. I'd say about once a month w/ Adam, and every now and then in AJ's.

84. do you give head? yup

85. do you enjoy it? hell yeah

86. ever wanted to fuck a cartoon character? some of the gay cartoon guys on hmboys.com

87. do you intend to breed? no

88. have you ever been penetrated with a foreign object? yeah - Adam's drumstick (he's a drummer for a band, I'm the lead singer)

89. have you ever tried to have sex with someone that was sleeping? Adam

90. has anyone ever tried to have sex with you while you were sleeping? I don't know, I was sleeping

91. if someone were to pay you 2 million dollars once every year for the rest of your life would you fuck a farm animal? how about a parking meter? Sure, I'd do an animal for a couple mil... but how can you do a parking meter?

92. have you ever had sex with someone that farted while you were fucking them? yeah.

93. if the phone rings while your fucking do you answer it? no

94. have you ever tied someone up? whipped them? no. no.

95. if someone you were very attracted to that were 10 or more years younger than you wanted to fuck you, would you? how about older? yes to both

96. would you fuck your best friends boy/girl friend while they were out of town? yup (boy)

97. what if they were REALLY hot? YEAH!

98. have you ever had sex w/ a pregnant chick? no

99. have you ever had sex w/ someone that was obese? no

100. have you ever performed analingus? yes

101. have you ever had analingus performed on you? yes

102. have you ever had an orgy? no

103. what's the largest number of people you've had sex with at the same time? one

104. have you ever had sex at a party? yes

105. on camera? no

106. have you ever been turned on during a medical exam? ... yeah... i'm sorry that the guy that gives me physicals is hot!

107. do drugs increase your sexual experience? no.

108. have you ever been raped? no

109. do you scratch, tear, bite and scream? scream, yeah, the rest, no.

110. does girl on girl hard core action turn you on? not often

111. how about anal? hell yeah

112. do you talk during sex? no.

113. leather or lace? leather.

114. do you like to be scratched? on my nipples or cock, lightly though.

115. any genital piercings? no.

116. would you fuck someone in a hospital? no.

117. do you like cum? it's okay.

118. how long does it take you (on average) to cum on your own? masturbating? 10-20 mins.

119. with someone else? oh, it's taken up to 4 hours.

120. have your genitals ever fallen asleep? that can happen?

121. if you were in an open relationship would you want your partner to tell you before or after they had sex w/ someone else? no. i don't care.

122. do you think you're a good fuck? sure

123. do other people? i dunno

124. do you like to be spanked? yeah

125. are you submissive or dominating during a regular day? both

126. have you ever had phone sex? yes

127. what's the perfect dick size? over 7"

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